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Amy Ransdell is a TRANSFORMATION COACH & Executive Execution & Peak Performance COACH, an active real estate investor, real estate investment mentor, real estate agent trainer, investment strategist, licensed real estate broker, brokerage owner, SALES trainer, national speaker, marketing lead for multiple companies, and a*NLP Certified Master Practitioner. Amy has empowered clients for over 18 years while assisting with 1000s of real estate transactions and building multiple real estate performance programs alongside some the leading names in the industry.

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What Clients are Saying ....

"I am so thankful to have found the Powerhouse community. Having a forum to ask questions, find encouragement, and share in the collective culture has been invaluable. Being a part of Powerhouse has made me stronger as an investor and as an agent, but more importantly it has helped me grow personally in my mindset, my intention, my determination. I love that I’m able to work with others everyday who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences and who challenge you to be the best version of yourself everyday."
~ Jenna Parker; Small Business Owner, Licensed Realtor®, Investor

"I have been apart of the PowerHouse community for almost a month and what I have learned from Amy and the group has been invaluable. I've been given feedback by community members when I shared with them one of my goals which provided me with considering alternative ways of meeting and achieving my goals. Based on where I'm at in this journey, the experience is where I need it to be."

~ Brigitte Collins, Realtor®, Investor, Corporate Executive

"Having worked with Amy for a number of years, I can tell you that as an investor, a broker and as a coach, you will not find many people as uniquely qualified as her to solve real estate challenges. With the ability to see deals from multiple angles well above and beyond the average real estate professional, you will gain perspectives you didn't even knew existed on your properties as opposed to the tired answers you get from most of the population. Creative, purposeful and determined, Amy is the kind of person you want on your team to get the job done. Extremely highly recommended that you work with her now." 

~ INVESTOR Frank Iglesias and One-Time Coaching Student

The experience level of our community is one of the things I like the most. We have rookies that are expanding their business all the way up to CEO's that have been in the business for decades, the wealth of knowledge in that gap is something I am grateful for being able to pick from. I've been part of other "big name" brokerages before, the rookies were always hungry and willing to work hard and help each other, it was the experienced agents and teams at the top that kept their cards close to their chests, I did not like that and if Powerhouse team members were that way, I would not be here!

The huddle is an amazing place to start my day! Especially on those days where I'm feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or frustrated. I always feel energized and ready to attack my day after the call. I especially enjoy the "off-topic" wormholes that are sometimes created by another team member's question or observation. That honestly has been where I have learned the most on these calls! JOIN POWERHOUSE.

~ Giovanni Russo, REALTOR® and Investor, Coaching Client

"Getting the opportunity to hang my license with Amy was like a Jedi getting to train with Yoda! She provides a wealth of experience and savvy unparalleled in the field of real estate investing, and it’s an honor to be a part of her team at Powerhouse. Not only is she a great mentor to her team, she’s her clients’ ace in the hole, a master negotiator and a dogged advocate for all who call upon her. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy Ransdell to anyone looking to make heads or tails of this complex real estate environment. She’s awesome!" 

Stephen Jones

"Met Amy looking for information on an investment property.  In one hour talking with her I felt I had learned more about the business than I had in all the time I had worked with others combined. Within 48 hours of meeting her I had moved my license to her brokerage and hired her as our personal continuity coach. The result? In the first year we flipped 9 homes, created passive income, raised capital, and built our brand. Most important was the growth we experienced in our entrepreneurial mindset.

~ REALTOR® & INVESTOR Jay Caldwell

"Amy is a superstar Marketing genius. Amy was recommended by another successful Investor/Broker to help me along this journey in building my own personal economy within the world of Real Estate investing. With a few tips she has shared with me thus far, I have gain confidence in the system of Direct Marketing for finding Real Estate Investment deals as well as gain personal confidence. It's not easy to step out on faith to reinvent one's self (as I am in the mist of doing) in starting my Real Estate redevelopment company last year; people like Amy have made the process less intimidating. In my short time of getting to know Amy, what I have learn is that she knows the industry well as a Realtor/Broker/Mentor because of the deep understanding of Real Estate investor needs and wants. I can see why folks seek out Amy for Mentorship / Teaching." 

~ Craig Dixon, Investor & Entrepreneur

"Amy is a well known (and equally well respected) pillar in the real estate community. Her expertise is far reaching, and she's built a solid reputation for being generous with guidance and direction (informed by actual experience) for everyone from seasoned investors and agents, to Real Estate newbies. Her work at Powerhouse speaks for itself, and the many clients she's advised and wisdom she's shared, is immeasurably valuable. A pleasure to know, and to both work with and learn from."

~ Judah and Lindsey Michael ~ California Investor and Realtor®

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